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Woods Squared

Modern Office Fit-out

Prenton, Wirral

6 Weeks

Office Fit-out

3,350 SQ FT


The Mission

Aztec was asked by Woods Squared, a business growth accountancy firm based in Wirral, to create an office space that optimised the health, wellness and productivity of staff, with an energetic, Google-style design.

The Solution

The Aztec team designed a bright, impactful space for Woods Squared, incorporating predominantly primary colours across soft furnishings and fabrics, contrasting with a simple palette of white furniture and walls. Neutral greys for flooring, coupled with a runway path to segregate office zones created an effective, pleasing effect.

Playful pieces of furniture, including the Snugglestor; a multi-functional zonal storage seating unit including locker space for staff and a ‘picture window’ seating area, created focal points throughout the space.

In creating a ‘Google-style’ office, a variety of different spaces was essential – the breakout zone boasts a bespoke, bright blue kitchenette with integral fridge and zip tap for hot and cold drinks, along with a seating booth for both recreation and meeting purposes. In addition, the team also incorporated a wrap-around, stepped seating area with artificial grass for group meetings and presentations.

To maximise space, the main desking area features a floor to ceiling storage wall for filing, along with a bespoke recycling point and cloakroom.  All desking is electric, height adjustable and coupled with smart, multi-functional task chairs.

Meeting rooms were designed and built with doubled glazed, floor-to-ceiling panels, along with acoustic dampeners to guarantee privacy.

A large, bespoke kitchen was also created on the ground floor which is named the Bambu lounge which caters for larger events such a networking, co-working and large scale presentations.

The Result

The installation of sit-stand desks was hugely successful, with everyone feeling healthier as a result of standing for a portion of the day. Productivity improved, with employees reporting an improvement in ability to focus and concentrate on the task at hand, while everyone has also seen a positive impact on posture. Those who suffer from long-term issues such as neck and back pain have also reported a reduction in symptoms.

The Woods Squared team were unanimous in their agreement that the firm’s investment in sit/stand desks has been a catalyst for a healthier lifestyle and better habits both at home and at work.

Woods Squared now has an office space that reflects the forward-thinking ethos of the business and its continued focus on the health and wellbeing of its team.

It’s a project that was created entirely with the interests of its staff at heart; the office will not only stand the test of time, but will benefit Woods Squared where it matters the most - on its bottom line.

“The fit-out has had a significant and positive impact on the mood in our business. The configuration of the space has unified the team and improved our energy levels and productivity. It has also driven a surge in interest from our clients and insurer partners during their visits, which is really positive.  We’re delighted with the result.”

Alan Woods, Managing Director at Woods Squared