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From initial consultation our office fit out team carefully take you through every stage of a project with complete support and guidance throughout.

The Rose Thorne Group

Interior Design and Build

No4 St Pauls Sq, Liverpool

6 Weeks

Interior Design and Build

4,500 SQ FT



The RoseThorne Group required a space that inspires inventive thinking for venturing into an era of engineering technology the vision was clear and simple: – capture the panorama, allow the team to the enjoy their immediate surrounding whilst, promoting socialising and bonding. The office they required is to be a place where the team feel at ease and are proud to invite their peers and project clients to. An office that steps away from cliché coffee shop rendezvous, by having great depth and substance at their actual place of work.  It also required an impressive reception area, a full glazed meeting room for maximised natural illumination along with acoustically sensitive areas for confidential communications.


The design and distinction of space was key, from entering The RoseThorne Group’s office to the time that is required to say farewell … which is something that is never encouraged -the views are uninterrupted. The Party walls lend themselves to any mounted partitioning systems and the area of dense desking is strategically placed encouraging the beautiful views in to act as art. The space is about people and every moment of interaction they share culminating in a unanimous approach toward project work.

As technology, does advance it is important to ensure that as a contractor we are fully versed in the ways in which Building Management Systems work. With cutting edge buildings, come potentially costly existing infrastructure that may need adapting. AZTEC crafted a design alongside the clients brief for their current needs, allowing for future growth and adaption. Should our client ever wish to relocate in the future, the dilapidations schedule will not include any reinstatement cost for the HVAC systems are AZTEC cleverly crafted the schedule of work around perfectly.


AZTEC provided a guiding hand from concept to completion ensuring that our design experience helped build something tailored their operational needs. The RoseThrone Group where be provided an office of distinction with personal touches to express the brands personality. It is a culmination of company pride with high end design, at the right price. Beautiful design doesn’t need to financially elitist. It is more to do with understanding what looks and works for you as a company. AZTEC sprinkle a touch of magic to make the space come to life and have the doors open for you ready, with a smile for your working day to begin. Full prepped and ready to go.