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Will you be investing in your office space in 2018?

Will you be investing in your office space in 2018?

With the end of the year in sight, businesses across the country will soon begin taking stock of 2017 – the triumphs, the tribulations and their goals for 2018.

Along with goals comes the need to consider investment priorities for the coming twelve months – office space is often top of the list. Whether a straightforward refurbishment project or a full fit-out, we’ve outlined the reasons businesses should consider investing in their office space:

Invest in people

Attracting new talent and retaining current staff is crucial for any successful, growing business. Since employees spend the lion’s share of their time at work, it is important that their surroundings are comfortable and pleasant – in recent years, we’ve become much more switched on to the importance of wellness at work and being happy in our surroundings, so those who aren’t will almost certainly look elsewhere.

Boost morale and instil a sense of pride

It’s no coincidence that the most successful businesses look after their team – investing in your office space is a sure-fire way to boost morale. Listen to what your employees want and need and work closely with the design team and fit-out contractor to deliver it. Create an office that people can be proud of.

Maximise productivity

An office space that boosts morale and supports wellness, while providing the facilities and tools that employees need to perform their role, will deliver enormous benefit in terms of increased productivity.

Keep up with office design trends

We don’t mean the latest hue of green or this year’s Pantone colour – we’re talking the latest lighting capabilities, flexible working and wireless technology. Trends in recent years have been linked to genuine innovation within office interior design and have given rise to significant changes in the delivery of new projects.

Make sure your office is fit for the future.

Invest in your brand

Your office is a reflection of your business – it should represent your brand and team appropriately. Does your office mimic the colour palette used in your corporate identity? Does it properly reflect the work that you do and the ethos behind the business?

An office space that does this well gives a powerful message to both clients and prospective customers.

Upgrade technology

2017 has seen many workplace trends continuing to gain ground, with technology a central part of many of them. For example, flexible working – the ability to work flexibly within an office environment rather than working from home – requires seamless wireless technology.

An office fit-out or refurbishment is an ideal opportunity to assess your current technological capabilities and consider new tech that will future-proof the business, while improving efficiency and cutting costs. Wireless and cloud technology can also free up space traditionally allocated to trunking and server rooms.

Plan for growth

Does your existing office have capacity to facilitate growth? As the business continues to grow, will there be space to house more desks? Countless businesses experience this issue and assume the time has come to move to a larger office elsewhere – a costly and stressful exercise. This isn’t always the case – consult a fit-out contractor to complete an assessment of the space. There may well be opportunity to design the space in an alternative way that makes more efficient use of the floorplate while providing employees with a more pleasant working environment.

Whether an office refurbishment or a complete fit-out, the benefits are undeniable and, for many businesses, it has provided a real catalyst for growth.

Start 2018 as you mean to go on and give Aztec a call.

At Aztec, we understand the need to deliver fit-out and refurbishment projects that balance both aspiration and budget. With over 30 years’ experience, we can advise on the most effective use of space for your business, resulting an office that benefits your bottom line.

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