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What is defurbishment? – And how Aztec can help?

Avenue HQ Defurbishment

Here at Aztec, we believe that it is a vital part of our service to ensure that we can provide our clients with the latest design ideas, concepts and trends. Within this article, we are going to look at ‘defurbishment’ and what it means to the commercial sector.

Since 2018, we’ve noticed a growing interest in design schemes which highlight the beauty of original features whereby, the conventional stud walls and suspended ceiling are nowhere to be seen and the exposed beams and duct-work are displayed in all their true glory.

What is a Defurbished Office?

When designing a new office, the process is the same, but the outcomes are always unique to the individual user requirements. This is the same for derefurbished offices, we capture the character of the building and incorporate a design that suits. It really does depend on a whole host of variables such as user requirements, time constraints, budget and any existing workplace issues.

The key themes that do reoccur, should you want the look are?

  • Original flooring – striped oak, exposed concrete
  • Original brickwork
  • Original Structural Beams
  • Period Windows
  • High/vaulted ceiling
  • Exposed duct-work
  • Exposure of steel and metalwork

Those are some of the fundamentals. Defurbishment can take place in modern buildings but, often in alternative use buildings, such as Mills and Victorian warehouse. When producing a concept, there is an art of making the most of an original buildings features and applying the clients brief to work within that space. It is more than just stripping-back walls and removing ceilings, the whole design needs to work cohesively within the fabric of the building, you often find structural columns exactly where you don’t want them.  To get the building ready for the fit-out, you may need to undertake processes such as resurfacing walls, exposing pipes and removing suspended ceilings. Aztec will ensure that the space complies to modern building regulations and health and safety standards. This is where Aztec can bring their experience to the table and make this possible for you.

Defurbished office

Defurbishment – is it just a trend or beneficial?

A conventional office can, and does work for many, many businesses. So why would you want to take a building back to basics and what are the benefits?

For The Staff

An office is much more than just desks and chairs. It is a place where people come together, as a team and produce wonderful things, that literally change the world. The office is the physical embodiment of your business, your brand and your company. What values your company represents, is reflected by your workspace. There is an undeniable demand for the modern workplace to look and feel a certain way, for certain sectors. They have abandoned traditional office in favour of unique identity. The modern generation area looking for that raw, scaled back, urban aesthetic that defurbishment lends itself to so nicely and Aztec are here to help you achieve that for your business.

If you provide employees with somewhere, they want to work and enjoy spending time, the impact is going to be palatable to your business output, performance and efficiencies in areas such as: –

  • Job satisfaction
  • Well-being and employee experience
  • Productivity and motivation

Defurbished staff area

Attract and Retain the Top Talent

Making your working company’s environment and company culture (as we know, the two are intrinsically connected) appealing to the talent of today will also contribute towards an improvement in your attraction and retention. A defurbished office will appeal massively to certain individuals.

Space: How to make the most of it?

Defurbished space becomes more open and airier, when you remove the suspended ceilings, partitions and raised accessed floors. Each and every square foot in an office is a valuable commodity, so the more you have, the more space you the business can function in and benefit from.

Defurbished office design

Showcase your Brand.

There are certain sectors such as the creative industries are moving away from traditional, corporate design. They view them as generic spaces and what a workspace that expresses their brand culture and personality through the aesthetics of their work environment.

Defurbishment – Less is more?

The defurbishment trend can actually cost more and isn’t necessarily a cheaper, nor quicker route to getting your business operational. Reinstating features, the high ceiling details require unconventional partition techniques and finding ways to install the power and data isn’t a case of just hiding it under the floor. You really need to take the time to speak with the Aztec team and find out which commercial avenue is right for you

If the look and feel you are aiming to achieve is a more ‘undone’ aesthetic. Let Aztec run you through the options, as it is not as easy as you may think compared to a traditional refurbishment. Once the adaptions are made and you have something bespoke that your company can cherish. You may find yourself there for a very, very long time. The type of buildings that allow for this defurbished look are few and far between and much harder to come by than a new build. So let’s ensure you have the right contractor to call upon to make this dream a reality.

So, start looking at those old mills, derelict banks and churches in your city centres. Aztec would be absolutely delighted to take a hammer to them and turn them into something wonderful, compared with a potential blight on the urban landscape.

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