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Wellness in the workplace – are you on board?

Wellness in the workplace – are you on board?

 If you aren’t, you should be.

With more than 30 years’ experience delivering office design and fit-out projects, the Aztec team has seen countless trends come and go over the years – it’s unlikely that wellness will suffer the same fate.

But does workspace built on wellness principles really benefit a company? According to new research from the British Council of Offices (BCO), the answer is a resounding yes.

BCO carried out a year-long study into Health and Wellbeing in offices at a cost of around £100,000. The findings of the report, entitled Wellness Matters: Health and Well-being in Offices and What to Do About It, revealed that wellness has a significant impact, but that opportunities to improve health and well-being are being missed.

How does your office affect employees?

According to the report, one in six office workers believe their working environment is having a negative impact on their health and wellbeing, while 17 per cent believe that their workplace has a negative influence on their personal wellbeing.

Businesses should be taking this in, considering whether their office environment is actively damaging the health of their employees – along with productivity and staff retention.

What is clear is that we’re past the point where biophilia and fancy furniture is enough – while natural light and a comfortable environment are important considerations for any well-designed office, wellness in the workplace is about so much more.

Creating office space that supports wellness

A working environment that supports health and wellbeing will be built on an interconnected ‘web’ of great design, functionality, flexibility and technology, along with a commitment to gather insight from the people using the space.

To ensure that your office is designed with wellness principles in mind, it’s important to have an experienced design and fit-out partner like Aztec on board from the beginning – we believe in working with employees to ascertain what they want from their working environment; what will make a difference.

Fit-out is the stage at which many of the fittings and features that are central to an office space focused on wellness will be delivered – yet, as highlighted by the BCO report, it doesn’t end there and this is where opportunity is being missed.

Wellness beyond day one

When a new office space is handed over to the client, everything will be working perfectly – the temperature controls will be just so, the fixtures and fittings will be brand new. However, as time passes, there will be issues that need fixing, furniture that needs replacing, and perhaps space issues as the business continues to expand.

Perhaps three years down the line the space isn’t being used in the same way; some areas may be underused and the floorplate may need a rethink.

It’s vital to engage a partner like Aztec who can work with you throughout the lifecycle of your office, ensuring that things run as smoothly as the day it was handed over, with space evolving alongside the business and the needs of your team.

Wellness should remain a focus beyond day one.

If you’re looking for an experienced office fit-out partner, give Aztec a call. With more than 30 years’ experience delivering high-quality office fit out and refurbishment projects that stand the test of time, you’ll be in safe hands.

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