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Transform your workspace with graphics

Transform your workspace with graphics

Office spaces are made to be simple and functional places to work. Having this order and simplicity allows us to do our jobs in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Separating departments, meeting rooms and facilities can make working life much easier but it can also make it a much colder and more detached place to work in. It has now become common practice, thanks to companies like Google and Pixar, to make the workplace a brighter and more welcoming space to be. The benefits can be increased communication and collaboration between departments, creativity and problem solving, staff loyalty and above all an increase in staff productivity.

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Simple steps to changing your workplace for the better.

Let’s face it, we don’t all have access to the resources of someone like Google but this doesn’t have to be an issue. Using something as simple as full colour graphics can be a way of elevating your space into something more inspiring. Here are a few ways that you can use your space to your advantage:

  1. Creating brand awareness within your company.

Brand identity and company values start with your staff and office graphics can be a great way of reinforcing a company ethos through simple inspiring messaging. Using vinyl applied wall graphics in an area with high footfall can be a subtle way of reminding people what your company stands for.

  1. Lifting the mood of a space with creatively themed area.

A great way to foster creativity and collaboration is to create distinct themes and areas through the use of signagefloor graphics and full coverage wall graphics. Themed meeting rooms can help to create distinctive areas that inspire and encourage. It can also help to create a lasting impression with prospective clients and visitors.

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  1. Making a space where staff can recharge.

It’s widely recognised that productivity can drop if an environment or a work schedule doesn’t allow for adequate rest. In order to combat this the workplace is starting to become more flexible in allowing people to work away from their desk either at home or on the road. A change is as good as a rest and by creating a space away from the general office you can allow staff to move to a different environment and take a fresh approach to their work.

It’s vital that when you are starting out to refresh your office, you carefully plan and survey the space you have to work with. In my experience there are several things that you will need to consider:

  1. An initial survey of your current space detailing key areas that you would like to transform and any overriding messages you want to convey. This is not a full survey (which is normally carried out by your supplier), but it will form the basis of a brief for your creative agency or a supplier of your choice.
  2. Form a creative plan by sitting down with your agency/supplier and briefing them on what you want your space to do for you. This brief can consist of anything from your companies’ brand guidelines, website or even a mood board with some of your own ideas.
  3. Once you are happy with the plan you will need to have a full survey detailing sizes, any relevant fixtures or fittings where graphics are being applied, condition of walls and surfaces and any restrictions on the use of fixings for signage or graphics.

Installing office graphics can have a beneficial effect on your productivity and staff morale as well as giving off a good first impression to clients. That’s why it is important that your project is handled with care and attention by experienced professionals with proven pedigree.

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