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From initial consultation our office fit out team carefully take you through every stage of a project with complete support and guidance throughout.

Neal Maxwell, Founder & Chairman

Neal is the Founder and Chairman of Aztec with over 30 years’ experience within the Fit out and refurbishment industry.

As Chairman my main role involves identifying opportunities, generating new business and ensuring our clients are looked after at every stage. Our business has been built on strong values based on integrity, transparency and honesty and I work tirelessly to ensure these are maintained throughout every level in all client related matters.

I would describe myself as an excellent communicator with a positive outlook accompanied with a deep rooted passion to provide the best possible service you could hope for. This carries throughout all aspects of my work with the purpose of not only meeting but exceeding client expectations.


Q – What’s your favourite quote and why?
A – “I have very simple tastes, I am always satisfied with the very best” by Oscar Wilde. This perfectly summarises my attitude towards everything I do.

Q – Favourite book?
A – ‘Cold’ by Sir Ranulph Fiennes – It perfectly describes Man’s desire to explore and endure extreme environments in order to push the human boundaries even further. It also summarises how far we have come as a race in a very short space of time.

Q – What is your favourite drink?
A – Wine, French Sancerre in summer and an Australian Shiraz to keep you warm in the colder winter months.

Q – What is your favourite food and where?
A – Fillet steak and chips. The best one I’ve had was at Gaucho’s in Richmond which was a thick cut Argentinian steak cooked medium rare.