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Sustainability: What Aztec can offer?

Sustainable office design

At Aztec, what we pride ourselves upon is that we actively trade on our fundamental values. A core principal of what we do is that we ensure that we, as a business address the type of materials manufactured, the current rate of consumption and the end of life of the materials produced.

We have grown and evolved as a company in the way in which we, buy and use products and materials. We wish to focus upon and change consumption patterns and trends by suggesting greener, more environmental ways of doing business within the built environment as we understand that this is vital in our efforts to eradicate the amount of waste that ends up in landfill – especially plastics.

We approach each project with the same ethos, of protecting and managing the planets natural resource base and ecosystem. Sustainable Buildings provide an inspiring and productive environment for business but, are also one of the largest causes of greenhouse gas emissions that encapsulate the catastrophic problem that we face in the form of climate change. The demand for new buildings and even higher specification office space continues due mainly due to the commercial success of commerce and the increase in population in large cities. The process of constructing new buildings and workspaces continues to be an incessant drain on the earth’s finite natural resources – at an ever-increasing rate. This is why we are focusing upon each strand of our supply chain and how we conduct business with them. Making progress not only in the micro-economy but the macro-economy as well.

The uplift in construction has not gone unnoticed by Government, who have responded by introducing new legislation and policies designed to encourage industry to change their attitudes and conduct that will make positive steps to mitigate the effects of climate change. These include measures to reduce the consumption of energy, water and natural resources, cutting our dependence on fossil fuels, and reducing the quantity of waste that is going to landfill sites.

We are currently working with Assets Management teams who represent commercial property portfolios, which are not energy efficient. We are helping these teams with their existing stock by retrofitting items that not only improve the performance of the building, but also the ongoing maintenance and running cost of the asset, by providing higher performing, energy efficient materials. The outcome being the cost of maintenance significantly decreasing through the implementation of efficient life cycle assessments and advice on whole life costing. Aztec also assisted with the capital value of their assets, which where are improved by the development of not only greener, loner life materials, but by the creation of more desirable spaces and subsequently higher occupancy rates.

As part of our service, our sustainability consultants will provide you with a range of expert advice on both new build projects and existing assets. We use sophisticated data application and our innovative design processes, combined with a wide range of technical skills and knowledge so we can advise you on the best solution for your project. Our experience allows us to help our clients to comply with all the latest legislation and guidelines.

From our initial discussions, Aztec will help guide you each step of the way to;

  • Help reduce your consumption of energy, water and natural resources,
  • Reduce waste generated through the construction process,
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions from the build
  • Optimise the whole life cost of constructing,
  • Maintaining and managing your buildings whilst protecting the value of your assets.

Aztec have been involved with some of the most innovative and high-profile projects across the UK. Each live-project in 2018 that we have worked on, we have helped to stimulate local economies and create social value for local communities, by procuring materials from local, regional depots and placing labour from our resource pool as close as possible to the site on each of the projects. We actively source suppliers who are focused on providing only the highest quality, sustainable materials without unnecessary transportation.

If you are concerned about protecting your reputation and demonstrating that you are not just paying lip service and ticking boxes to comply with this important subject, then we are the contractor for you. We are the company who is actively taking positive steps toward ensuring a greener future. We are also making a valuable contribution to the creation of new, more sustainable processes within the construction industry, paving the way to ensure a greener future to have a world build upon the correct, green fundamentals.

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