Aztec design and create unique environments for each and every client.

Aztec design creative, flexible and functional work spaces blending form with function to create truly unique environments to each and every client.

Aztec design team work with various UK and international suppliers to ensure materials we specify are cost effective, environmentally conscious yet also in line with each client’s requirements. The design team are also familiar with the important interface with the technical aspect of the project ensuring mechanical and electrical elements are taken care of correctly and efficiently.

Depending on the level of information you require our design team can provide:-

Initial Design Consultation – The brief! The first stage is to understand your requirements in terms of space, people and systems. You may be looking at refurbishing your existing space or fitting out a new office. You will be thinking about your needs both now and in the future. This initial design brief is highly important as it captures your aspirations and helps us in understanding what your goals are.

2D Space plans – This first draft helps you to see how the information we collected at stage one transfers on paper. It provides you with a good understanding of the layout we might suggest in line with your requirements. This can then be further developed in order to not only meet but exceed your expectations.

3D visuals – This gives a more detailed view of how the space might look once the work has been carried out. This can include specific colours, lighting and other aspects to ensure its as realistic as possible. If required we are also able to offer photorealistic walk-through modelling to enable clients to see how the space may work.

Colour/Story board – You may have an idea of colour but our designers will work closely with you giving as much advice as required on colour/fabrics and other materials to ensure the project is fully coordinated to your exact requirements. If you’re not sure we can provide various options depending on your design aspirations

Branding – New or existing corporate brands can be incorporated within the design to ensure your brand is clearly portrayed within the environment.