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From initial consultation our office fit out team carefully take you through every stage of a project with complete support and guidance throughout.

Your office reflects your business and its values, so it’s important that it’s designed accordingly.

The office environment is also central to the happiness and wellbeing of your employees – when designed to allow staff to complete their roles to the best of their ability, it’s also a significant competitive advantage.

At Aztec, we create creative, flexible workspace, blending form with function to create a truly unique environment for each and every client.

We always ensure that materials we specify are high quality and environmentally conscious. Our design team also understand the importance of considering the technical aspects of any project, ensuring mechanical and electrical elements are taken care of correctly and efficiently.

While we appreciate the pull of a beautifully designed office, we know that any design must be based on established objectives –great design shouldn’t just look the part, but must also deliver solid operational benefits whether that’s boosting productivity or increasing collaboration.

At Aztec, we’re focused on making sure your space not only impresses, but helps you to build a better, stronger business.

Workplace consultancy

It’s vital to get the initial brief right - Aztec’s design team will explore and identify your exact requirements, investing time in understanding what will really benefit your business, what additional amenities or features should be considered – and what shouldn’t, as the case may be. A solid brief is the foundation of any great project – it will also allow us to challenge each and every cost aspect of the build.

Change management

Aztec can support you with relocations and other corporate changes within your organisation, such as mergers or co-location of teams. Our designers will work with you to understand your growth plans and maximise the space available, while accommodating future expansion.

Interior and brand building

While workspace within an office shouldn’t be neglected, first impressions are made at reception - lobby areas and communal spaces should accurately reflect your company and ethos.

The same principle applies for building owners - a reception area speaks volumes about the rest of the building and the companies within it. Aztec can create a reception area that tenants can be proud of, taking care of everything from initial design and concepts through to Cat A and Cat B requirements.

Space utilisation strategies

Most offices do not make the most effective use of the space available, while some businesses may be on the cusp of needing to move to an alternative location.  Yet with a proper space utilisation strategy, the solution may simply be found in using the floor plate in a different way – removing the need to undertake a stressful and expensive office move.

Where businesses have moved into a new office space, Aztec will evaluate the options for the entire floorplate, advising on the most effective layout and amenities, along with any suggested changes to the location of vital services such as washrooms and kitchen facilities.

Workplace utilisation strategies are the first step to creating spaces where people want to work.

Aztec can also assist with furniture requirements, working to source the best solution at the best possible price.