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Project management of an office relocation

Project management of an office relocation

At AZTEC, we appreciate moving office generally wouldn’t fall into your average day to day remit. At first, it may seem simple, once you scratch the surface, it is a very different story. The moving parts, the coordination and management of all the individual departments; who have different needs and have to remain functional at all times with zero downtime. Still seem easy? An office move is an intricate process that involves advanced planning, sound communication and a simple, digestible step by step processes. The best place to start with a relocation ….. a checklist.

  • Internal Storage Audit – It is vital that items are not doubled handled, storage whether it is personal or archive can become redundant overtime. It also helps see how much storage is required for your new office. The perfect time for a spring clean.
  • Labelling – Labelling is critical for a move, the amount of time it saves when unpacking is valuable to all businesses. The crates which are associated with the move are titled and are referenced against the spacial configuration plan that AZTEC will have designed as part of the design and build process.

Often due to the volume of archive files, archive file needs to be packed in sequence with every crate labelled for when the crates are delivered to they  can be unpacked and placed back in that sequence.

  • Schedule of Chairs and Desks – As part of the AZTEC process, when we are assisting in defining the brief, we gather all the information associated with team numbers, organisational growth plans enabling us to assess the longevity of the design and present a proposal that is in line with business goals and strategies. Prior to the move we double check with the business champion to ensure that redundant items are not transferred over.
  • IT Equipment – PC’s laptops and tablets, essentially any technology are valuable assets to the organisation. Technological items need to be delivered to their new home safely and securely. That is why we provide anti-static, padded boxes that are manufactured specifically for this application.
  • Internal Programme and Communication Structure – The process of informing and time tabling the move is something that needs to be done incrementally. AZTEC will provide you with a construction programme with a start and finish date which, we will always adhere to. Internally if you have a intranet, it is useful to show what days what department is due to either decant or relocate as part of the move. These specific dates should be logged within your employee’s personal diaries and their workload needs to be coordinated around. The team leader should oversee that their colleagues are aligned with the master programme.
  • Logistics – AZTEC will advise and provide the correct number of vans, lorries and resource to make sure that the process is seamless and allow you to focus on the task in hand.
  • Re-erection and/or installation of Furniture AZTEC have a team of experts who will hoist and install any quantity of furniture saving time and ensuring a quality build.
  • Power, Data and Internal I.T AZTEC understand that power and data is a crucial part of the build and needs to be correct first time, every time. Patching in to a server rack is vital to the operation of your business. It is important to ensure that AZTEC’s internal electrical engineers have the contact details of the key people within your organisation in relation to I.T so the teams will coordinate in line with the delivery master programme.

AZTEC are on hand to take the pressures, stresses and strains away of relocating, having undertaken this process successfully for nearly 3 decades. AZTEC have developed a corporate relocation strategy that is created on a case by case, building by building methodology as each project is different. AZTEC mitigate the risks of any downtime or delay as much as possible by communicating, working with you providing concise updates and next step advice e-mails throughout the project. AZTEC also provide the added benefit for the move management process by providing a single point of contact from within our team who will be managing and coordinating the relocation. So, if you do have any questions or queries, you have an account manager at all times to provide any advice or reassurance. Once the relocation is completed, you can enjoy the splendour and beauty of the new office AZTEC has helped you develop. A new office is a perfect opportunity to highlight the processes of your company, provide a fresh and new feel to the business and deepen the talent pool of resource by showing millennials that the company is innovative and continually evolving. Relocating offices is a big step for any business, with plenty of pitfalls along the way so by having the right move management team onboard looking after the planning process and management of each element of the programme. It’s back to business for you, AZTEC are here. So when it comes to move management when you’re looking back, the only words that come to mind are serene, calm and tranquil. If you want your office relocation project to run as smoothly as possible, contact Aztec Interiors for a talk with our team of professional office fit-out specialists about your company’s circumstances and what you expect from your move.

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