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New-build industrial – getting it right

New-build industrial

New-build industrial – getting it right

A new report from Gerald Eve has reported that Q1 2018 saw UK logistics take-up hit a two-year high – the highest since 2016 – with the north of England seeing the most speculative development.

With demand outstripping supply, we’re likely to see demand for high quality industrial space continue to rise, particularly in the northern regions alongside core transport links.

For companies looking for a construction partner for a purpose-built industrial unit, there are numerous considerations to take into account in making sure that the end-result fulfils expectations and allows the occupier to fulfil its objectives.

To get it right, what are the key points businesses should think about prior to commencing a new build industrial project?

Find the right construction partner

Be sure to appoint a contractor with experience in delivering industrial new-build projects – it’s a large task and you’ll want to make sure the building is completed to your exact specifications, no mistakes and no stretching of the budget.

Hiring a construction partner like Aztec with a strong track record will save expensive and time consuming issues further down the line.

Clearly define your objectives

It’s vital to establish high-level objectives prior to commencement of a new-build industrial unit – while aspects like mezzanine floors can be added or removed, such alterations will be expensive. Furthermore, while work is being completed the business will be unable to operate within the space, eating at profits and potentially causing disruption to customers.

Whether the goal is to deliver outstanding customer service or increase storage capabilities, the high-level objectives will inform how the space is configured.

Get the floorplan right and avoid wasted space.

Creating flexible industrial space

While reconfiguration of warehouse space can be expensive, it’s important to think about making certain aspects of the layout flexible enough to deal with future growth and changes within the business.

Should priorities change, prior consideration of flexibility will pay dividends.

Consider staff and boost efficiency

A warehouse must run efficiently and, for that to be possible, the floorplan has to be right. Think about the number and proximity of facilities such as toilets and canteen space.

Make sure that regardless of where they may be in the building, staff are close to amenities they need. This is an important consideration, both taking into account the needs of employees and to make sure that time isn’t wasted unnecessarily.

Do your research

Ask for testimonials from recent clients – it will put your mind at rest and make sure that you hire the right team for the job.

Aztec benefits from more than 30 years’ experience delivering high quality commercial construction projects, including industrial new-build as well as warehouse refurbishment.

Among the industrial construction projects successfully completed by the Aztec team is the 12,500 sq ft, £585,000 industrial warehouse for Redwood Distribution – read the case study here

With Aztec, your industrial build is in the right hands.

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