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Moving Office: Make the transition green.

Green office move

Moving Office: Make the transition green.

Step 1: The Move

Moving office is without doubt, a stressful time. Think of when you moved house, the planning the packaging, finalising accounts with utilities. It seems so simple at first but, there are so many things to remember along with those last-minute hitches. Think of how many are in your team, considering all their individual needs, along with programming how you can minimise staff downtime.

Remember it is a business, it is not only people it is also all the associated needs of a business. Customers or clients don’t want to hear excuses, nothing else but business as usual is expected by your clients.

Aztec are on hand to provide you a with a proven process and guide. Below is a checklist of some of the most important things to consider when relocating your business.

Firstly, if you rent your current offices, check the terms of your existing office lease in relation to the process of serving notice and length of notice period you are required to give the landlord.

Aztec will supply all the protective equipment and resource necessary for the move and manage the process. From packing up office equipment from your previous office, to furniture and IT.   Then for your new office, we will undertake the interior design and spacial configuration along with designing your IT and Comms infrastructure needs. Our service includes reviewing where each department and individual will be located. Involve and engage your employees in the discussions where possible and feedback their needs and concerns in teams, so you can address sensitive issues early on

Aztec will plan every stage of your office move. Make a list of everything you need to do and everyone you need to inform.

Remember that timing is everything. Plan the timing for your move carefully. Avoid moving at the busiest time of the year for your business. Be clear on the IT needs of each team or area in the new office with your IT team and the timescales involved in getting staff up and running.

Lastly, an office move can be expensive, so you will need to agree a budget for the move. If you don’t want to compromise your cash flow, you may wish to consider leasing as a way to finance the fit out of your new office space. Aztec can provide you with case studies and finance examples along with tax emption options within the build. 

Step 2 – How to take advantage of the move and make your office green?

Material Selection for you new office.  From the outset, it is important to access what the infrastructure of the building is like? (Assuming it is not a new build).

If it is existing building stock, how can the building be adapted to your needs. What is the lighting, heating and ventilation like? Aztec can help you retrofit purposefully selected energy efficient and sustainable materials, so that your office not only costs less to run, but has environmental credentials that highlights that you are a socially conscious business. We can also advise on the internal specification, so that the materials are sustainably sourced and are designed to have a non-detrimental end of life. Not only can we look after the materials that your buildings are built from but, we can advise on processes that will help limit your businesses operational impact.

Products that will help your business?

2018 has been a significant year for Aztec, making distinct and purposeful strides to change as a business toward being a sustainable, green contractor. Aztec have identified clear areas of focus that will not only help the environment. But, has a wider reach as we are helping our clients make the move toward operating in a way that protects the environment also.  Our research has found that the following materials and products will be key in transforming our client’s existing building stock as well as client’s who are keen to either upgrade their existing facilities or a newly built facility. 

Here are three recommendations for materials that are worth considering.

Air Flow Panels

Saving energy while providing fresh air, fundamentally is challenging. Air from an open window is rarely the ideal combination of temperature and humidity. Centralised fresh-air supplies require large, inefficient fans and complicated ductwork.  Standard energy-recovery ventilators take up valuable building space. AirFlow Panels are façade panels that incorporate a thin, ultra-efficient energy-recovery ventilator (ERV) system. They can provide 200 cubic feet per minute (cfm) of pre-conditioned air directly to the building perimeter, significantly reducing the size of cooling coils, ducts, or other equipment used in centralized systems. This results in 30%–40% energy savings, according to the company. A product that consumes less energy and provides fresh air is certainly one to be considered.

SEMCO’s 3ffciency Chilled Beams

Chilled beams are energy-efficient HVAC systems, but they have a reputation for having condensation problems, being complicated to install, and not having good zone controls.  SEMCO’s 3fficiency system combines the company’s Pinnacle dedicated outdoor air supply, Neuton pump control module, and active chilled beams into one easy-to-specify system. The key to 3fficiency is the Neuton pump module, an all-in-one “plug-and-play” controller that simplifies chilled beam installation and communicates with the Pinnacle air supply to adjust temperature and humidity.

Thyssenkrupp Elevators

Companies that manufacture mechanical, plumbing, and electrical equipment (MEP), and related systems such as elevators, rarely pursue environmental initiatives. Here is a fundamental step to change that by Thyssenkrupp. Thyssenkrupp are the first elevator manufacturer to have C2C Material Health certificates—C2C Bronze for its cabs and Platinum for enviromax biodegradable fluid. When looking at the installation of lifts, we are happy to endorse companies who are actively pursuing positive change.

Sustainability is a key part to our business in 2019, let it be apart of yours. For further information please contact our pre-contract team on either tel: (0151) 255 0850 or direct at

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