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Meeting room booking systems – eliminating issues and boosting productivity

Meeting room booking systems – eliminating issues and boosting productivity

Difficulties finding suitable space for meetings is one of the most common complaints in offices, from none being available when they’re needed to certain members of the team spending a disproportionate amount of time using them.

With staff pacing the office in pursuit of a suitable place to take a client call or speak privately with team members, a shortage of meeting space isn’t conducive to productivity.

At Aztec, we understand the importance of ensuring that every individual is equipped with the tools and facilities to be able to perform their role to the best of their ability, without unnecessary obstacles created by poor technology or lack of suitable space.

While meeting room issues is a common complaint, it’s easily remedied with the addition of a booking system.

What are the benefits and what should businesses consider before implementing a meeting booking system?

Navigating the modern office environment

With most offices now open plan, it can be challenging to ensure that there is adequate private meeting space to meet everyone’s needs – some will be comfortable asking colleagues to vacate space they may not be using or have occupied for more time than necessary, while for others such situations may leave them feeling anxious. A meeting booking system creates structure and process, removing the requirement for awkward conversations and ensuring that everyone has fair access to the space.

Setting a precedent for how meeting space should be used

Don’t be afraid to set out guidelines around the way meeting space should be used, including how often it can be booked and how far in advance.

Consider access and the necessary level of sophistication

There are numerous options available, from desktop-based booking systems through to wall mounted iPads. Businesses should consider the option that would be best suited to their team, taking into account factors like the number of staff, the number of meeting rooms and the requirement to be able to access the system remotely from outside the office. Wall mounted touch screen systems can be a benefit in busy offices, allowing last minute changes to be made.

Decide who will manage the system

It’s important to allocate responsibility for the meeting booking system to an individual on an office-by-office basis, whether an office manager, receptionist, IT representative, assistant or someone else entirely. Having someone available to answer queries and help to troubleshoot as the team gets used to the new system is essential.

Use of advanced sensors and analytics

One of the first steps we take when designing a new office is to have conversations with the people that will be using the space – one of the most common complaints is lack of meeting space. Advanced analytics and sensors can provide valuable data on the use of meeting rooms, allowing informed decisions on whether more or less private space is required, while flagging potential issues such the length or frequency of meetings.

What level of support will your solutions provider offer?

At Aztec, we understand that aftercare is important, having expert help on hand should something go wrong. Meeting room technology is no different – businesses should check what support their technology provider offers, making sure that, should it be required, the necessary help will be forthcoming.

If you are considering introducing a meeting room booking system, Aztec will be able to advise you on the most effective option for your office – give us a call, we’d love to help.

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