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HVAC – Save Money, Make a Difference

HVAC – Save Money, Make a Difference

Aztec is focussed on being a part of the green solution, as such, we have highlighted green solution principles that represent best practice for the sector. Aztec will now take these principles forward and seek to engage all of the key players within our industry to integrate green solutions at every stage, to broaden expertise and help our sector move forward as a whole. Not only do we believe that these  principles represent best practice for the sector, it is also clear to us that by changing the way we do business, by applying our green solution approach, and by factoring this type of green thinking into every stage of a product life – from specification to disposal – we can develop and deploy the right technologies to assist in creating more sustainable buildings.

We only have one Earth, our actions within our industry can make a difference, but the time of talk is over. Now is the time for action. There are currently massive challenges associated with the use of energy; both domestic and commercially. The buildings that we work within must be part of the solution too and it is our responsibility, as a contractor to act. Much of the well-established building stock within the UK is old and energy inefficient, whilst new-build rates are slow of Grade A space will take time before occupation is possible in the major cities within the UK. Aztec are on-hand to bring older buildings, into highly efficient, usable, sustainable spaces for commercial application.

Aztec’s responsibility is to inform all those within our existing client base and the wider UK industry that heating, cooling, ventilation and power technologies are a necessity of change and the capacity of today’s technologies are what office users and building owners need to use to fill the breach.

The way we do business across all our operations are outlined in four key principles below:

  1. Doing the right thing – to help ensure unity of purpose across the sector, responding to market changes and addressing our own footprint.
  2. Increasing energy efficiency, specifically through equipment selection that takes a whole lifecycle view; ensuring energy-efficient solutions are deploying more intelligent monitoring, reporting and control functions.
  3. Reducing Carbon emissions: specifically, through innovating more efficient heating, cooling and ventilation products; removing the direct use of fossil fuels; recovering waste heat to use elsewhere; and replacing equipment in a timely manner.
  4. Promoting the use of Renewable energy technologies, in particular, the optimal mass-market solution of heat pumps – which are environmentally beneficial, highly scalable, economical and publicly acceptable – supported by PV.

While individual solutions may vary from application to application – with many commercial buildings, demanding a bespoke approach – these solutions will be viable over the longer term. Finally, the right temperature within a building is critical to have your employees find comfort within their workspace. Smart systems can be broken down into individually controlled thermal zones via programmable thermostats located at specific locations within the building, providing the right ambient for your workforce. When these systems are timed, they can be controlled when they are not in use and can be controlled to certain zones within different areas of the building. This makes a drastic difference in their consumption of energy and the bill for the company when the electrify bill is due. The ducting that Aztec use, is all recycled aluminium as is the insulation on the refrigerant pipework.

We appreciate that the initial outlay for mechanical heating and ventilation systems is a significant one, each requirement, and application is unique to your business. With rising demand for air conditioning and refrigeration threatens to make the planet hotter and undermine pledges to rein in emissions. So, there is only one time to make the right decision; design and specification, and this is when you bring the experts in.

For more information on how Aztec can help advise you what system would work best for you, feel free to contact our specification team on 0151 255 0850 or speak to our Pre-Contracts Manager Paul Ashmore @

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