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How to design a sustainable office

Sustainable office ideas

How to design a sustainable office

At Aztec, we’re passionate about sustainability, making better choices and protecting the environment. Our policies as a company are continuously evolving to make sure we’re able to reassure our clients that their office fit-out is designed and delivered with sustainability in mind.

A sustainable office is not only kinder to the environment, but also to your bottom line by saving on running costs in the future.

We’ve put together some pointers on how to design a sustainable office:

How energy efficient is your building?

If you’re relocating, energy efficiency and green credentials should be on your ‘shopping list’ of questions for the agents – the building’s energy performance will have a bearing on your workspace and the level of energy efficiency that can reasonably be achieved.

Hiring a sustainable fit-out contractor

Your office fit-out partner should be able to reassure you that your project is being delivered as sustainably as possible, working with a fully sustainable supply chain and favouring the use of natural resources and recyclable materials.

Old fixtures and fittings should also be properly recycled, along with packaging materials and equipment used by contractors. Landfill should be minimal.

Sustainable tech and smart M&E

Much can be done to slash energy usage with smart solutions at fit-out stage.

While office design and layout should always maximise natural light, it’s impossible to eliminate the need for artificial light completely. However, high-quality sensors and LED lighting will cut energy usage significantly.

Heating and ventilation will also be a major consideration, with insulation in exterior walls and plenty of ventilation to avoid over-reliance on inefficient HVAC systems. There are many options available to maintain a comfortable temperature within the office year-round, from innovative glazing through to technological solutions.

Choosing eco-friendly furniture

There are many eco-friendly office furniture options now available and at reasonable prices – and sustainable doesn’t necessarily mean plastic is a “no-no”. This year’s London Design Fair has chosen plastic as its Material of the Year, with designers showing how 100% recyclable plastic can prove a smart choice.

Your office fit-out partner will be able to advise on specifying the most appropriate sustainable furniture for your office space.

Make sustainability second nature

When designing a sustainable office, it’s important to consider those using the space – will the fixtures and fittings make sustainability second nature?

Recycling bins should be located throughout the office, making it as easy as possible to reduce landfill waste, while initiatives to reduce the reliance on single use plastic will contribute significantly to reducing your company’s impact on the environment.

Check out our blog on reducing plastic in the workplace for some ideas.

Ample, high quality washroom facilities and bicycle storage will encourage employees to cycle, run or walk to work, contributing to the reduction of car fumes.

It’s vital that we all do our bit to lessen the damaging impact inflicted on the planet – running an efficient, sustainable workplace is a great start.

Aztec benefits from more than 30 years’ experience delivering office fit-out and refurbishment projects – if you’re interested in learning more about designing a sustainable office, feel free to get in touch – 0151 255 0850.

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