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Furniture Trends 2015

I’ve been reading a lot of furniture blogs about furniture trends recently it seems there are a lot of recurring themes:


It’s all about taking the stress out of the office as much as possible – starting with comfort & atmosphere.

The move from static seating into ultra-comfortable ergonomic seating is in motion – Employers want their employees to be as productive as possible, so areas are more homely & relaxed.


Let’s face it the longer we are sat in a straight backed plastic chair, the more restless we become and the less likely we are to be concentrating on what we are doing and more on how quick we can get out of it.


Some employers are even giving their staff a budget to buy their own chairs and with us spending around 90,000 hours a year glued to them I think that’s a great idea.  The increase in breakout areas is set to continue, these comfortable spots are great for interacting with other staff members, building those all-important-communication blocks that are vital for us to work effectively as a team. Conference caves & quiet pods will also be popping up, for a one on one meetings or just for some peace.

Modular furniture that can be moved around is going to feature heavily this year.

These areas are great for team meetings encouraging everyone to be involved, boardrooms can be intimidating, people are less likely to speak up and have an input when they don’t feel relaxed – the introduction of interactive white boards makes meetings more exciting, you can squiggle all over the board and save your work so that ideas are not wiped away, These ideas can then be shared via email to the team – time effective, clever and reduces your carbon footprint – Wonderful.


Sound proof wallpaper, screens and booths will be used to keep some privacy as the open plan office continues. Screens are to be more creative shapes and colourful adding more fun.

Desking is moving away from square looking traditional into a curvier affair, less silver and lighter wood with injections of color.

There will be an influx of standing height desks as companies are looking more and more into how our seated positions impact our bodies.

The setup will be more communal so that it is easier to collaborate with our colleagues.  Furniture will also start to include a more pronounced tech component, offering more charging ports, wire organization, and audiovisual components.

With almost every one owning iPhone or smart phone – We can be on the go and have our work life at our finger tips, making us more flexible – we no longer have to sit at our workstation to make that deadline or respond to a query. We could be at home on our IPad linked in to the work server, or on a train checking and responding to emails on the way to a meeting or even just in the breakout section of the office to get away from the desk.


The way your office looks and feels does have a massive impact on how the team performs. All these factors with some soothing colours thrown in make for a happy, productive workforce, which makes for a sustainable strong team.

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