How do I go about fitting out or refurbishing an office?

Talk to us! Initial meetings to explore your requirements are completely free and we are happy to work with you to develop your scheme and explain more about the processes at the same time.

Will I need to get involved with managing the project?

You can get involved as much or as little as you like. Our project managers are fully experienced in delivering projects of all sizes and happy to work closely with you or independently subject to your requirements.

Will I need planning approval?

Not necessarily except on larger projects although you would normally need building regulations approval which we can seek on your behalf.

Is finance available for office fit-out or refurbishment

Yes it is, subject to status. Please look at the Finance section of our website which explains this in more detail and provides some outline costs.

How long does an office Fit out take?

This will vary subject to the extent of work required. If you only require a small alteration it could be a matter of a few days whereas larger projects can take longer. As a guide we would expect a £20k project to take around two weeks, a £100k project to take 4/6 weeks and a £1m project to take 12/16 weeks.

What does Fast Track Mean?

Fast Track is a term used in this industry to describe a relocation project which requires very quick delivery within a tight timescale. For example we have delivered £500k projects within 8 weeks and £100k projects in 2 weeks.

Fast track projects are normally required when you need to respond to a rapidly changing environment and/or have limited time left on your lease and need to move quickly. Provided you engage us as early as possible we can work responsively and efficiently in order to meet your deadlines and carry out a full Fit out and move management scheme.

How much does it cost to Refurbish or Fit out an office?

If you move into a Grade ‘A’ office (open plan with new ceilings/lighting and power provisions and including new carpet and decorated walls) it can be as little as £10 per square foot. This will depend greatly on the work you need doing and any new equipment and office furniture you may require.

More complex schemes involving Mechanical, Electrical and Data installations can ramp this cost up considerably resulting in a much higher square foot cost.

Ultimately it comes down to your individual budget and we can help you with this by designing a scheme that meets your budget expectations whilst delivering an environment that reflects your corporate values and aspirations.

Can you carry on working during a normal office fit out?

Yes you can under normal circumstances. We operate under very strict Health and Safety guidelines and carry out full risk assessments to ensure we eliminate any identifiable risk. Once we have done this we will advise on how we intend to approach the project to ensure your business has minimum disruption and retains productivity throughout the process.

It is sometimes necessary to carry out projects in phases which we will identify with you during the evaluation stage.

How long does it take to build a typical extension?

This depends on size and nature of materials used. Residential or office works normally involve traditional building materials which inevitably take longer to build. Industrial units tend to be built using modern techniques with materials that can be erected very quickly. Retail can be a bit of both depending on location, High Street or Retail park.

For example we would expect a £100k residential extension to take around 10 weeks to deliver including the ground works/foundations, brickwork, roof and internal fit out.

A typical Industrial extension or new build based on a single storey 5,000 square foot Hybrid unit (small office and toilet block with most of the space allocated to storage/production or other use would take around 16 weeks.

Our lease is due to expire, we are not sure whether to refurbish our current space or relocate.

Your first question should be what your plans are over the next 5 years, as a company are you thinking or growing, looking to make cutbacks or moving in a new direction. Commercial space whether it be office, industrial or retail is expensive and you must ensure as a company that you are making the most of every square foot.


Relocation is an expensive process as you’ll soon notice that to leave your current space, there will ordinarily be a dilapidations claim. This requires you to re-instate the space back in order to present a newly refurbished and refreshed condition. The landlord will have professional representation so you’ll need to factor in the cost of any surveyors fees as well as the interruption of the day to day running of your business.


The benefits of re-designing, re-configuring and refreshing your office actually provide the opportunity to really look at your company and how you currently work. Take on efficiency measures and rectify anything that hasn’t quite been working as smooth as could be.


A change is as good as a rest. And it’s been proven that morale and productivity suffer in an uninspiring environment. The change of scenery provided by a new office could be just what’s required to turn your workforce into a happy, productive team, setting new records and showing the competition just how it is done

We are looking at putting plans in place to relocate, what are our next steps?

The positives of moving office, instead of refurbishing, allow you to consider a host of facilities that perhaps your old space simply couldn’t cater for. In the current financial climate, the shape of many companies is changing on a regular basis. Empty seats or over-crowded offices, neither does much for staff morale.


Firstly, look at staff numbers, which departments work well and which teams would benefit by working closer with each other. The capacity of storage is often underutilised within commercial space. Personal and department storage generally turns into clutter zones so if you are looking at new furniture here lays the ideal cost saving solution.


Your office sells your business just as much as your people do. First impressions count for a lot. Your new office is a blank canvas, so use it to your advantage. Uses of energy efficient lighting to meet your green agenda, making sure heating and ventilation is in line with latest building regulations is vital for creating the perfect commercial environment. We now have the opportunity to make your office synchronised perfectly with your brand

Do AZTEC undertake minor office alterations?

Absolutely, we have a team in place who can advise you on product specification through to technical detail. With AZTEC, you won’t be passed from ‘Pillar to Post’. A single point of contact will guide you through the potential pit-falls. We take great pleasure in assisting our clients every step of the way, whether it is changing a lock and a lick of paint through to the sub-structure up. We can put the designs in place to make sure it works, and give it back to you as soon as it is ready

Do AZTEC undertake New Build work as well as Office Alterations.

Yes we do. We have internal expertise and fully qualified staff who understand both modern and traditional methods of building. This team delivers internal and external building refurbishments/alterations/extensions and all aspects of Civil engineering. We also carry out ground remediation, piling and underpinning works in addition to structural alterations.

Can you help with our office move?

Yes we can. AZTEC understand the complexities of relocating, which we take great care making sure that pressure is defused and popped in the stress free box. We can bring the crates, pack everything up, load it onto our vans and deliver it to your new space. Before you know it, it is all in-situ. If you need storage facilities we can sort that too. We’ll work overnight and at weekends if you need us to. It’s all designed to make sure moving offices doesn’t upset the smooth running of your business.

When the project is handed over, pop the kettle on, take a seat and switch your computer on. Pure and simple, the AZTEC way.