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Designing an Office to Bring Energy into a Work Space

Designing an Office to Bring Energy into a Work Space

Increasing attention is being paid to the design and layouts of offices, with a big emphasis on creating open and inspirational work spaces. A large part of that is the realisation that the design of the work areas employees operate in can have a huge impact on their energy levels, productivity and effectiveness. Simply put, when an office has good energy and the staff feel happy working there on an individual level, it increases the company’s output on a collective level.

Studies Reveal Dissatisfied Workforce

A Gallup poll in 2016 regarding the ‘State of the Global Workforce’ found only 11% of the office workers surveyed felt completely engaged and inspired at work. Another study conducted around the same time by IPSOS on behalf of American company Steelcase revealed that insufficient privacy and the ability to work in teams without being interrupted were other big issues that contributed to dissatisfaction at work. Another frequent problem was the lack of versatility with regards to where tasks could be performed throughout the office. What is particularly interesting about these results is that they reveal problems which can all be solved with better office design. Of course, different offices have different structural requirements and thus there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. However, there are some common issues which can be identified and fixed without too much disruption.

How to Minimize Visual Noise

Office workers today operate primarily with a variety of computers, such as desktop PCs and laptops, as well as tablets and smartphones. This can lead to plenty of necessary clutter around the work areas. It will, thus benefit the general energy of the office to eliminate as many unnecessary distractions as possible. Keep the walls clear where possible and avoid the urge to decorate too intricately with busy patterns or other extraneous designs. Artwork on the walls should be kept to meeting rooms and reception areas only, as they can be useful for waiting clients to look at. If it’s possible then also ensure there is a clear view of the outside world from the main working areas, as this is very beneficial to positive states of mind. And, as we know, positive states of mind are the primary driving factor behind an energy-rich office space.

Choose Smart Furniture Features

Another key ingredient in creating a positively energetic vibe around the office is to provide a variety of cleverly chosen furniture options. Try to keep the layout relaxed and with plenty of space for the staff to move around. Also keep in mind that some people need to sit down while working, while others may need to be up and down frequently. Others still might even prefer standing up while performing certain tasks. Providing a versatile environment with options for all three of these types of workers will enable staff members to work more efficiently according to their own personal needs. Presuming there is enough space, design a casual meeting area with the simple addition of one or two coffee tables with several small to medium-sized comfortable chairs. Think beyond just functional here as you want such an area to be aesthetically pleasing when not in actual use.

Let There Be Light

It is generally understood that natural light is the best light to work with, but it isn’t always available thanks to the large number of overcast days we have here in the UK. Even during the summer months when the sky isn’t so cloudy, many offices are not structurally designed to maximise the amount of natural light that gets through the windows. The solution for this of course is to provide plenty of artificial light. However, don’t just opt for standard fluorescent strips protruding down from the ceiling. Take the opportunity to use the light sources as a means to bring some inspirational energy into the work areas. There are plenty of design options for the main lighting structures, plus you can make use of portable lamps as well as they can add interesting accents and can be moved around easily where needed. One satisfied client of Aztec Interiors, Resolve Energy, have their main lighting emanating from square ceiling panels, while colourful furnishings and glass partitions near the natural light sources create an open and energetic work space. If you would like to learn more about how to bring more positive energy into an office space, contact Aztec Interiors and speak to our team of professional office fit-out specialists.

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