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Choosing office furniture – striking the right balance

Choosing office furniture – striking the right balance

At Aztec, we know that delivering a fit-out is only part of the picture – yes, great design is important, as is the inclusion of the right fixtures, fittings and practical considerations such as security, use of space and acoustics. But there’s one crucial aspect on which the most well-designed space can flounder – furniture.

It has long been established that the right office furniture plays a central role in boosting employee productivity and, ultimately, a business’ bottom line. It can also mean the difference between retaining and losing talent.

We’ve outlined the main points to consider when choosing office furniture:

Set a budget

The most obvious initial consideration is how much you can spend on office furniture; what is your overall budget? Should a larger proportion be dedicated to certain parts of the office?

Your fit-out contractor should explore the best deals available, establish any room for negotiation and ultimately purchase the best quality chairs, desking and other fittings available within the budget.

Choose furniture to fit the space

Prior to purchasing any furniture consider the size of your office and try to forecast for any growth in numbers that might swallow space in the near future. There is nothing worse than investing in new furniture only for it to be abandoned six months down the line in favour of more desking.

Be sensible when thinking about future needs; if it’s a small team, a large co-working desk may be most appropriate, whereas a larger business will need individual desking, making the most of the available space.

Select appropriate desks and consider storage

While it’s important for desks to be in keeping with brand and design considerations, the most important factor to consider is functionality – are desks large enough comfortable enough? Do they accommodate computers comfortably as well as providing the necessary room to write or take a call?

Is there adequate space between desks and chairs to prevent employees feeling like their personal space is being encroached upon? Leg space is also an important factor, ensuring people have adequate room to stretch without giving their co-workers an under-the-table kick. Think also about providing necessary storage for files and personal items.

Prioritise comfort when selecting chairs

The most beautifully designed offices can quickly become the most hated when chairs are uncomfortable. It’s important to consider ergonomics, creating a comfortable place for staff to do their best work.

Office chairs must be comfortable and adjustable, but not too comfortable to encourage lounging. Ideally chairs should also have wheels, ensuring ease of movement regardless of the surface of the floor. Larger statement chairs can be a lovely addition to a meeting room, but quickly create a headache when they prove difficult to maneuver on plush carpets or rugs.

Don’t get carried away with colours and fabrics

Aesthetics are usually an immediate concern when thinking about an office fit-out – but while that striking yellow or vibrant red may be in keeping with your brand undoubtedly look fantastic, it’s important to consider practicality.

Use coloured fabrics sparingly to provide a pleasing pop of colour, but keep office chairs black, grey or a similar dark hue, preventing visible stains and marks.

Aztec clients benefit from our in-house joinery workshop, with handmade furniture produced on a bespoke basis for specific projects and spaces. In addition, with more than 30 years’ experience, our fit-out team ensures clients make the right choices when selecting furniture and fittings.

If you’re considering a fit-out or refurbishment project or thinking about renewing tired furniture, get in touch with Aztec – we’d love to help.

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