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How can a clever office design scheme reduce my energy bills?

With the cost of energy on the rise, more and more businesses are looking for ways to reduce energy consumption and make savings on these vital business expenses. As well as reducing costs through a more efficient use of energy, commercial property owners are facing increased pressure by the government to improve energy efficiency and help protect the environment.

The design of an office can have a direct impact on a company’s energy consumption and operational costs. Aztec Interiors, specialists in designing efficient offices and commercial buildings, explore how clever office design can significantly reduce your business’s energy bills and minimise its environmental impact.


LED lighting

Lighting is one essential feature of an office that often goes overlooked during refurbishment projects.

An LED light only requires 32 watts of power, compared to a standard 4-tube fluorescent lighting fixture, which uses 92 watts of power. By simply installing LED lighting in an office to replace fluorescent fittings, will mean a business makes considerable savings on energy bills.

By being up to 80% more efficient than other types of lighting, thus meaning businesses can make hefty savings on energy bills, offices that rely on LED lighting reduce their demand from the energy grid, decrease their carbon emissions and are consequently a greener and more eco-aware business. As Aztec notes, if an LED light is used in an office for 3000 hours each year, the light will save 490KGs of CO2, compared to a four-tube fluorescent fitting.

Furthermore, LED lights do not contain any toxic elements, which contaminate the environment when disposed of at a landfill, meaning offices that swap to LED lighting will have peace of mind they are ‘doing their bit’ for the environment.

Intelligent mechanical systems


The efficient management of building is key to minimising operational costs. In order to comply with regulations involving the energy efficiency of commercial buildings and to help save their business money on energy bills, the savviest of companies are adopting intelligent mechanical systems.

An example of an intelligent mechanical system would be the installation of advanced heating and cooling systems. Such systems offer air conditioning and heating tailored to the size and specific demands of an office. Through highly advanced control, these systems provide design flexibility and maximum energy efficiency that can be integrated into Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS).

These advanced cooling and heating systems provide heat recovery between components, as well as free hot water production and free cooling ventilation, thus resulting in both lower running costs and the office producing less carbon emissions.

Natural daylight regulators

Being exposed to natural daylight opposed to artificial lighting in an office has benefits to the wellbeing and productivity levels of employees, as well offer savings to costs. Installing an intelligent mechanical system, which offers daylight lighting regulation, can be a smart way for offices to become more energy efficient, as well as boosting wellbeing and productivity levels among staff.

Such systems comprise of sensors which respond to changes in levels of lighting and the amount of natural daylight in a specific area. Consequently, when natural light intensifies the level of light within an area, the output of artificial lighting created by the luminaire is reduced.

As Dextra Group writes in a feature about the important of daylight regulation and its impact on working environments:

“Through accurately regulating a luminaire alongside the natural daylight which is available not only maximises energy savings, but lowers the dependency of artificial light. This also results in the greatest energy savings being achieved in areas which have high levels of natural daylight.”

If one of your business New Year resolutions in 2017 is to make your working environment more energy efficient to both save money and become eco-friendlier, get in touch with Aztec Interiors. We are experienced in designing offices that are more energy efficient to minimise a business’s operational costs and ensure they adhere to greener energy management policies.


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