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How can I avoid having cables trailing from desks?

How can I avoid having cables trailing from desks?

Cable management in the workplace is key to providing a productive and health and safety compliant environment. Most desking solutions are sold with a limited cable management solution, some none. A simple solution may be a horizontal beam system for all your cables and power sockets along with cable ports in the desk top. Some desking systems also offer a vertical section of trunking to bring in cables from the floor. Effective cable management is essential for ease of use of your IT systems, there is an abundance of the solutions in the marketplace and here is our guide to all the latest products and solutions.

  1. Specially designed cable baskets to side under the desk to hold all the cables both power and data, this option is a cost-effective solution that keeps all the cables in one place, the basket can be easy removed if remedial works are needed for the IT equipment.
  1. Under desk power modules are also a key element to help with the cable management and these firstly can be housed under the desks and sit in the cable basket, generally used when PC and tower units are used by the client. Using this solution, it also avoids having cables all over the floor, these are normally connected to the wall or the floor and can be daisy chained together for use in multiple desk set ups.Under desk power modules
  1. Desktop power solutions are a get way of minimising trailing cables and these are generally used for laptop users, hot desks and breakout spaces in the workplace. Along with power you can also integrate USB power sockets along with data connections for phones and PC’s. There are many designs and styles in the marketplace with options available for most budgets.Desktop power solutions
  1. In desk power solutionsIn Desk solutions are relatively new to the marketplace and again offer a varied degree of options from power, to data and USB ports. These are generally again used in the workplace for hot desking, collaborative areas along with kitchen and breakout spaces. They offer a more minimalist solution to the desk top option above providing a sleek modern look. 
  1. Wireless charging for mobile phones are another contributing factor to the number of wires required for day to day office life, especially with different brands of phone often needing specific chargers. Wireless charging hubs are the perfect solution, eradicating the need for any wires. Some models allow multiple phones to be charged simultaneously, ideal for communal areas.
  1. Cable Spines as a minimum, on any one desk there is likely to be a PC, monitor and phone, all of which will require a cable and plug socket.  Gathering them all together within a cable spine will keep them all neatly together, and more importantly, out of view.cable spines

What’s next for the cable management? A collaboration with lighting…

Desk lightingA great solution using task lighting for the desk along with power and USB options. Watch this space for more innovative ideas in a market which changes day by day. For all these products and more please email Aztec at or call the office at 0151 255 0850.

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