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BIM and what can it do for you?

BIM and what can it do for you?

Construction has a particularly poor reputation due to low productivity, project overruns and mass wastage compared to other industries. This is largely attributed due to lack of preparation and planning, forcing projects onto site without the right level of information and disjointed communication channels.

What if AZTEC could show you a way that removes any grey areas provides cost certainty from the offset and allows you to physically explore your new office before a single partition are built or a penny is spent.  If you don’t like it, change it, as all the specification development and amendments can take place during our consultation process.

Well, the answer is AZTEC CAN and the benefits are phenomenal!!

BIM captures commercially advantageous information and surpasses all aspects of traditional two dimensional drawings.

Instead of a basic ‘spacial’ configuration, the quality and extent provides a distinctly intelligible digital representation of the proposal which is easily digestible by none architectural professionals.

Whilst defining the aims and objectives of our client’s needs the greatest benefit is helping our clients with full visual access to cost at the conceptual stage. This coincides with the associated future fiscal planning of any growth strategies for the company and any financial implications associated with planned or preventative maintenance. The cost of a Fit out or building project should not be viewed as one finite cost but, 1) either as a total cost across the duration of a lease or, 2) the entire whole life cycle of a building which are currently being developed with a view over a 60 year period. UK Government has now introduced mandatory Level 2 usage of BIM for all publicly procured projects by 2016, setting the standard for industry. Aztec can now offer their clients certainty by tying up with the strict regulations enforced by UK Gov on the environmental performance of a built asset or refurbishment of an existing asset. Not only does BIM allows you to understand where you are now as a business, it supports your green agenda and what is required to be compliant thanks, to AZTEC’s consultation process.

No project or development goes forward without scrutiny of cost or the commercial viability associated with cash flow within an organisation. BIM helps manage cash flow by offering more job security with a two-fold benefit for client and contractor. Buffers or cushions are not built into client quotations due to the contractor being uncertain as to what they are bidding for via a tender. Thanks to collaboration and by working together, client and contractor a genuine basis of mutual trust, the right level of integrity can be developed. Succar (2012) Identified by optimising the supply chain through BIM from client to contractor, real time savings can be seen for the client, the value of this procurement approach regularly exceeds over 10% by integrating the supply chain early within a fit-out or construction project. This real-time savings can be reinvested into the organisation or the into the purse of the public sector kitty.

What’s not to like…..

The computer is powering up……….I’ll put the kettle on.

For more information about BIM or Sustainable Procurement please contact Paul Ashmore – Pre Contracts Manager @ AZTEC on either Tel: 0151 255 0850 or e-mail

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