We actively engage with the local community and have strong connections with various groups who we support both financially and in time and resource.

We believe that this investment in time and energy not only directly benefits the community and charities but also makes a great contribution to our company’s ethos and positive culture.

Community benefits:

  • Using local suppliers and sub-contractors
  • Employing local labour
  • Engaging with students through Liverpool Compact
  • Involving ourselves with Waves who assist local adults looking to improve their lives.

Supporting Charities:

Claire House www.claire-house.org.uk

Our MD trekked across part of the GR11 route in the Pyranees for a week in aid of Claire House Children’s hospice raising £7,350.

imgres www.princes-trust.org.uk

Through collaboration with the Princes Trust we donated around £100k of time and work to help create a much needed centre to help young vulnerable people to improve their lives and break away from a life of crime and other difficulties.

Obviously as a charity cost was paramount in the scheme and we relied heavily on the kindness of many local companies. Aztec were the main contributor in this scheme and were incredibly charitable in their involvement, carrying out the work as cost and then including some additional work for free. Conservative estimates put Aztec’s gift in kind work at 100K and without this contribution the scheme simply would not have gone ahead. Yet regardless of this generosity, the work was carried out to the highest standards, and completed to the timeframes needed by the charity.Jayne Wilson, The Princes Trust

logo www.dreamhigh.org.uk

Our Managing Director, Neal Maxwell is also proud to be an active member of the Dream High voluntary management team.  Dream High is a non-for-profit organisation based on a model of business support.  Dream High Provide, free, confidential and unlimited support to new and growing businesses in Liverpool.

Neal has been a great support for Dream High over many years.  During the 5 years as Chair of Dream High and during his involvement since 2007, Neal freely offers a lot of his time to support a variety of businesses at different stages of their development. Neal’s wealth of knowledge and business experience has been invaluable as support to businesses, as a well-respected company, Neal regularly attendees panel meetings and brings gravitas to any business situation which helps clients know they are getting the best support for their business. Nick Taylor, Chair - Dream High