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9 Smart Solutions to Utilise Office Storage More Effectively

9 Smart Solutions to Utilise Office Storage More Effectively

Offices get messy. In the rush of day-to-day business, it’s easy for a mountain of paperwork, invoices and documents to build up on desks, be stuffed in drawers, and end up lost amidst the chaos of a busy professional environment.

This growing disorder can, however, have a huge impact on your business. A disorganised office means time spent wading through the mess, and time spent wading through the mess means time lost for potential business. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of nine smart solutions to utilise office storage more effectively and help to create a more organised and productive working environment for your employees.

  1. Don’t need it? Recycle it!

The best way to utilise storage space in the office is to start with a comprehensive clear-out. Old documents and outdated paperwork have a tendency to get thrown to one side, taking up valuable space. Declaring war on clutter will help to free up space and reduce that paper mountain – but be sure to recycle!

  1. Go digital

For that more up-to-date paperwork, ask yourself whether you actually require the physical document. If the answer is no, scan it onto a digital storage system and recycle the original – freeing up even more storage space, while keeping your paperwork efficiently organised.

  1. Activity centres

Now that you have more storage space to utilise, organise your files by purpose and topic. Creating activity centres in which all relevant documentation is grouped by task is a comprehensible and methodical filing approach that will help your business conduct its day-to-day work professionally and systematically.

  1. Filing systems

These activity centres should feature a competent filing system depending on the nature of the client or task at hand. For paperwork that consistently filters through the office, an incoming and outgoing document tray is a great solution. For the heavier loads, a filing cabinet is the stand-out option.

  1. Go vertical

To really utilise your office space, especially for those on the smaller side, vertical cabinets and shelving units are a valuable addition. Not only do these create a more open floor space, but they also allow things to be stored at eye level – meaning things can be found more quickly and easily around the office.

  1. Lockers

Sticking with the vertical theme, a set of secure lockers provide a practical option for employees looking to store bags throughout the day and laptops overnight – freeing up floor space for a less cluttered office during the working day.

  1. Cables

In today’s digital age, computers are an absolute necessity for any office. However, one of the downsides to this is those pesky computer cables, which have a frustrating tendency to get tangled up with one another and create a knotted mess of wires. Separate the wires with your own organisational system for ease of use and a cleaner, more spacious working environment.

  1. The little things

Even finer details like pens and pencils can become a part of the clutter on an unorganised desk. Something as simple as a pen pot (you can even use an office mug in lieu of an actual pot) ensures all your tools are together – allowing them to be found more easily while also creating a cleaner desk space.

  1. Weekly clean-ups

The most effective way to utilise office space is to follow these steps and stick to them! A weekly clean-up on a Friday afternoon ensures that the natural mess that occurs within the working week doesn’t build up, maintaining an organised office that’s always ready for Monday morning.

Simon Mitchell, MD of Action Storage, has run successful companies in Europe and the US that are focused on delivering exceptional value to clients – Action Storage offers a diverse range of storage products, along with the technical expertise to help clients’ businesses operate more efficiently.

Aztec is one of the UK’s leading office design and fit-out partners, with more than 30 years’ experience – we work alongside partners such as Action Storage to deliver the highest quality office space for our clients.

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