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Zen in your Office – Top 5 tips

Zen in your office

Zen interior design means meditation and equilibrium, relaxation and harmony. Zen is often associated with minimalism, simplicity and purity of lines. It is rather a way of arranging your office and creating an atmosphere that offsets the stress. If you want to have a beautiful Zen in your office you should respect some basic rules, as follows:

  1. Transcendence – Zen is a principle of harmony between body and soul and you may obtain harmony through large windows. This is a basic and vital element to enjoy light inside your office. Floor to ceiling windows, to allow nature penetrate your inner space and soul.
  1. Peace and calm – they are states of soul and mind which could be gained together with the joy of life within the workplace.
  1. Simplicity – is a main Zen principle you should respect to obtain a good mood within your workplace. You shouldn’t crowd the interior space with too many furniture items. The purity of mind and soul can be obtained only through a pure and simple interior design. Simplicity provides elegance and enriches your interior feelings. Simple furniture, comfortable sofas, walls painted in white, simple décor elements will cheer you up and will clean your inner mood.
  1. Bring nature inside – bringing in elements of nature is the next step in decorating your Zen office, especially when it comes to an open plan area. Indoor plants bring the beauty and vibrancy of an outdoor garden into your office.
  1. Use calming and natural colours – is a principle derived from that above. Think about the colours of nature – the blue of the sky and the green of the water, the warm gold of the sand and the sun.

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